“We enable business leaders, owners, decision-makers and entrepreneurs to make their brand The ONE

— the brand that’s most differentiated, credible, trusted and commanding a premium because your brand is your ideal customers’ favourite brand — so you’re highly profitable and leaving your competitors way behind.”

Access The Expert-Led Persona Brand Audit Leadership Programme to Unlock How to Effectively Re-Evaluate Your Current Status so You Can Achieve Higher Revenue and Differentiate More Strongly. Leverage The Persona Tools & Systems to Mitigate Risk, Build Business Resilience and Underpin Innovation to Grow Your Profitability in Adversity. Be The One — Unstoppable in Uncertainty

Contact us to discover more about the Persona Brand Audit Leadership Programme working with #1 Multi Award-Winning Branding Maven, International Speaker & Masterclass Leader — Lorraine Carter & Her Team

Discover more about the Persona Brand Audit Leadership Programme with Lorraine Carter

Want to discover more about the Persona Brand Audit Leadership Programme with Lorraine Carter?

If you have an outstanding product or service, but a radical market change has interrupted its perceived benefits, value and relevance so making it more difficult for you and your team to sell, then now is the time to re-evaluate your options working with us through the Expert-Led Persona Brand Audit Leadership Programme.

Are you considering adapting, evolving or changing what you sell but you’re not entirely sure how to evaluate where you’re at to inform how to move forward, while also mitigating risk so you can ensure a return on your investment? Then the Persona Brand Audit Leadership Programme is for you because it will enable you to clarify your options so you can make better informed and more impactful leadership decisions.

Does your leadership team need strategic input on how to identify and articulate why your potential prospects or customers should do business with you? Do you want to more effectively communicate why your product or service differs from your perceived competitors, why it’s worth the premium price, and what makes it the best choice for your ideal target audience — in terms that will resonate with your customers?

When the market is highly disrupted it makes moving forward with a strong strategy that yields the right results even more difficult. As a business leader, however, there are certain things you can focus on and implement to make your business more resilient to radical disruptions. This is what the Persona Brand Audit Leadership programme enables you to achieve.

MGI Learning“Lorraine Carter has been the catalyst and an inspiration for MGI Learning to clearly define our brand.

Working with Lorraine has been both enlightening and enjoyable. Her blueprint for defining a brand is extremely comprehensive and challenged us to think very deeply about what we offer to our customers and really understand what underpins our success.

Lorraine is extremely knowledgeable, very focused and supportive and leads you through the process and ensured we got maximum benefits from the investment we made.”

Shona Cooper
Shona CooperCEO | MGI Learning

Clients & Brands

The Objectives of The Persona Brand Audit Leadership Programme

The objective of the Persona Brand Audit Leadership Programme is to: 

  1. Give you a structured framework within which to evaluate and discuss your current commercial challenges from a business and brand perspective so you have more clarity to make informed decisions to move forward strongly and grow your revenue
  2. Use proven toolkits and systems that enable you to work with us face-to-face, interactively live online as you identify how you could potentially solve some of your business or brand problems to mitigate risk
  3. Provide you with access to decades of expert-led international expertise, insights and toolkits within a structured process to ask the right questions so you can uncover the much-needed answers to grow a more future-proofed business resilient to radical disruptions
  4. Work with us face-to-face in each live online session giving you an opportunity to ask questions (and pick our brains) in relation to your brand and business at each stage of the programme — both operationally and strategically
  5. Avoid trying to forward-engineer the past in the hope of finding ways to make what worked before work again in the face of change and fast-moving challenges. This simply won’t yield those much-needed results and may even waste valuable resources.
  6. Differentiate and compete so you achieve higher IP brand asset value and profits at minimum cost
  7. Build a more profitable, stronger, antifragile, resilient business with systems that enable you to achieve higher revenue consistently — thrive in disruption and uncertainty

“An exceptionally talented individual. Lorraine Carter, Persona Branding and Design has a wonderful ability to ‘horizon scan’ for any business and then bring them on a journey that delivers value to their Balance Sheet.”
Dave FeenanChief Executive | Technology Ireland ICT Skillnet
Brand Identity“Lorraine Carter is my branding mentor, she’s the person that showed me how to improve my personal and business brands — they were a mess when she initially looked at what we had — and she blew my mind! I’ve paid high fees to other ‘supposed’ brand consultants who only had 30% of her in-depth expertise and they couldn’t deliver on what we needed.
She gives you the key foundations and lays things out in an easy to use system which gives you all the essentials needed to make your brand stand out, to make your brand highly visible. If you use her branding strategy system you’ll soon have everyone talking about your product or service to become No.1 in your market.
Lorraine takes no name companies and transforms them into household brand names. Most importantly, she’s great fun, absolutely passionate about branding and she’ll entertain you whilst demystifying branding and making the unknown clearer — because designing a logo is only a tiny part of your entire branding process.
I would highly recommend Lorraine Carter and the Persona Design team to every entrepreneur who wants to be more successful and have a clear message driven by their brand.
Thank you so much Lorraine for all your help. We wouldn’t be so well known in the USA, UK or Romania if it wasn’t for your direction and input to develop and build our brand.”
Ozana Giusca
Ozana GiuscaFounder/CEO | Tooliers & Ozana

Who is The Persona Brand Audit Leadership Programme for?

Whether you’ve been in business two years or twenty years the Persona Brand Audit Leadership Programme is for decision makers – we work with you as the in-house leaders in your business, or through your industry association alongside your peers who are also members.

If you want a more bespoke Brand Audit Leadership Programme using the Persona systems and toolkits tailored to your specific requirement, then you can choose to have us work with you and your leadership team either in person or interactively online.

Alternatively, you can also choose to work with us through your industry association alongside your peers. The difference is, in this context the programme is not tailored specifically to your business but more broadly to your industry. We still use the Persona Brand Audit Programme systems and toolkits so you can generate the outputs needed to inform your decisions moving forward. You also have the benefit of shared insights, discussions and a fresh perspective from outside your in-house team which often proves to be invaluable.

Regardless of whether we work with you live online, in-house with your team, or through your industry association as a member — the Persona Brand Audit Leadership Programme enables you to move forward strongly and build a more resilient, antifragile business positioned for growth.

So if you’re a:

  • Business Leader
  • Decision Maker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Business Owner
  • Manager

with modest resources then the Persona Brand Audit Leadership Programme is for you.

Contact us about the Persona Brand Audit Leadership Programme here so you can build a stronger, antifragile, resilient business that thrives in disruption and uncertainty.

We’re kind of obsessive about customer care so if you don’t hear back, that means we didn’t get your message so please do send it again — we typically read every message and reply within 48 business hours.
Looking forward to meeting you and discussing your preferences.

    The Outcomes of The Persona Brand Audit Leadership Programme

    As you work with us in the Persona Brand Audit Leadership Programme you’ll typically achieve:

    1. Re-evaluation of your business model and productization so you can adapt to the changing market and your customers’ unmet need to grow your revenue
    2. Clarity in relation to your strengths, weaknesses and inconsistencies so you mitigate risk
    3. A stronger perspective on who you are, what you stand for, and what makes you really different from a customer point of view. This enables you to build a standout highly differentiated brand so you can make what you offer more compelling to your ideal customers and build IP brand asset value
    4. Better identification of your competitor space and sector drivers so you can leverage better or new channels of profitability and command a premium
    5. An analysis of customer sentiment in relation to perception, image, reputation
    6. Refocus of your resources, management and congruence to reduce cost
    7. Enhancement of internal team cohesion to enhance productivity
    8. Identification of deficiencies in your brand strategy on and offline so you avoid unintentionally sabotaging your business
    9. Evaluation and refocus of your brand positioning so you can differentiate strongly relative to your competitors
    10. Correction of your misalignments, internally versus externally
    11. Appraisal of your brand collateral across all touchpoints both on and offline for consistency and congruence so you build customer trust
    12. Identification of opportunities for new product and/or service development so you can innovate and grow sales
    13. Direction enabling you to future-proof your business and your brand strategy so you can build business resilience and mitigate risk
    14. Integration of an ongoing sustainable business and brand evaluation process so you can secure and grow the value of your business longer-term — even in market stress
    15. Enable you to compete and achieve higher revenue at minimum cost

    Note: The outcomes in this programme are not guaranteed because you need to work with us to progressively implement week on week so you can achieve the results you want. There are no magic bullets. We don’t do all the work for you but require your full participation and input in order to succeed. Instead of giving you all the answers, we empower you to discover them yourselves, a skill that’s invaluable, internalizes expertise and serves you into the future.

    We work with you using our 20 plus years of expertise and experience internationally to enable you to achieve the results you want. You access and leverage this proven expertise of working with businesses large and small globally — some of which are household names and others small disruptors punching way above their weight.

    The work is done with us through an ongoing combination of supportive direction, evaluation, feedback and discussion, using the Persona systems, templates and toolkits coupled with reviewing industry examples so you can relate and apply. Those who really commit themselves while working with us get the best results and so are able to move their businesses forward strongly.

    Branding Expert Lorraine Carter

    About Lorraine

    Lorraine Carter is an expert in brand building to drive commercial growth and high performance. Founder of Persona Branding & Design, she’s won multiple awards over the last twenty years working with brands on international markets, many of which are household names. Brands like Nestlé, Kerry Foods, Eurofound, Law Society of Ireland, Radisson Blu, Tesco, Castle Brands, Aldi, Wavin, Abberley Luxury Yachts, Dunnes Stores, Waitrose, MGI Learning, GAA, Saba and Thunders Bakery to name a few.
    She enables you to Become The One, The Brand that’s most credible, trusted and commanding a premium becase you’re the preferred choice of your ideal target customers — highly profitable and leaving your competitors behind.
    Lorraine’s methodologies and systems, such as the Persona Brand Building Blueprint™ System, The Lean Brand Audit and How to Build a Brand Programme are used globally and also feature on The Economist Group platform. Her skill lies in empowering you and your team to make your brand highly visible, different, credible, trusted, memorable and much loved amongst your primary audiences — so that your standout brand commands lead position and grows your profits faster.
    Lorraine takes underperforming or under-leveraged entities (product or service) and, working with business leaders, owners, decision makers, managers and entrepreneurs, transforms them into highly recognised, profitable brand names much loved amongst their primary audience.
    An international branding expert, professional speaker (represented by MFL London Speaker Bureau), masterclass leader, advisor, writer, M.Sc guest lecturer, designer and mentor, she’s also the winner of Best Blog Ireland of an SME, Business Woman of the Year, Dublin and listed as one of the top 1,000 Women of Influence in Ireland in the Irish Tatler Business Annual. Lorraine’s featured in The Sunday Business Post Newspaper, The Irish Times Newspaper, The Law Society Gazette, Creativ Verpacken, ICOGRADA, Irish Packaging Year Book, Irish Tatler Magazine, Food Ireland along with various TV, radio and podcast interviews to name a few.

    As Featured In

    Persona Design Featured In

    brand strategy“We participated in the Persona 7-Figure Business Building & Brand Strategy Mastermind 12-week online course. The 12-week program suited us as the weekly accountability spurred us on to get work done between sessions.

    We found the flow of the course appropriate for the development of the brand through the various areas of the business.
    Already, we have developed our Customers Personas and our Brand Persona adding value to the business.
    The course has helped us make more astute decisions in the business such as restructuring our product offerings, so we grow more profitable lines and remove those with lower margins.
    Lorraine is very helpful and accessible as a tutor with follow up after each working session and the half-day masterclass. Most of all the clarity achieved has been most invaluable.

    In the first two weeks of March 2020, before Covid-19 required us to close, we were 300% up in our online sales compared to the whole of March 2019 and after reopening April 2020 we were back to 108% by the end of May 2020 — results achieved from applying our brand strategy.

    Sinead Heffernan
    Managing Director
    Sinead HeffernanManaging Director | Thunders Bakery

    Contact us about the Persona Brand Audit Leadership Programme here so you can build a stronger, antifragile, resilient business that thrives in disruption and uncertainty.

    We’re kind of obsessive about customer care so if you don’t hear back, that means we didn’t get your message so please do send it again — we typically read every message and reply within 48 business hours.
    Looking forward to meeting you and discussing your preferences.

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