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Persona Branding & Design makes

professional brand strategy accessible to you

with simplified, affordable systems that get

profitable results for your leanly-resourced business:  


— We make the complex easy as ABC using our 

proprietary IP with 20 years of award-winning expertise, so you can 

Transform Your Brand & Increase Your Sales 


Be The ONE, the brand that’s most differentiated, relevant, 

credible, trusted and commands a premium, so you can 

achieve higher revenue and leave your competitors way behind

Explore working with us. We may be the perfect fit for you because we’re a team with decades of branding strategy expertise working with both large and smaller leanly-resourced businesses — highly experienced in enabling clients like you to be more profitable and successful.

The questions are, do you want to:

  1. Achieve higher revenue?
  2. Grow your business faster?
  3. Differentiate more strongly from your competitors, so you stand out?
  4. Increase your margins and sales, so you grow your profits?
  5. Build unshakable trust and credibility amongst your ideal customers, so you increase your customer base, referral, and retention?
  6. Engineer resilience into your business model, innovation, and product development, so you can better future-proof your business and its ability to leverage adversity?
  7. Develop your brand hierarchy and product or service portfolio to avoid customer confusion and maximise your up-sells and cross-sells?
  8. Structure your business and brand, so you can potentially sell your business very profitably?
  9. Gain global perspective if you’re exporting or planning international expansion, so you successfully localise and adapt your brand culturally, mitigate risk, maximise your export preparedness
  10. Be The One — your ideal customers’ favourite brand, the brand your customers are happy to pay a higher price for? 

Leverage our decades of award-winning branding strategy experience to your advantage because it covers a comprehensive range of verticals and geographies. 

You can use that expertise from working with clients globally including, service and product, B2B and B2C. They include the unassuming and highly niched to the most prestigious and aspiring, many of which are household names.

You and your customers’ needs are central to everything we do when you work with us, so if you’d like to discover more then contact us today [email protected] or +35318322724.

Brand Identity“Lorraine Carter has been the catalyst and an inspiration for MGI Learning to clearly define our brand.

Working with Lorraine has been both enlightening and enjoyable. Her blueprint for defining a brand is extremely comprehensive and challenged us to think very deeply about what we offer to our customers and really understand what underpins our success.

Lorraine is extremely knowledgeable, very focused and supportive and leads you through the process and ensured we got maximum benefits from the investment we made.”

Shona Cooper


MGI Learning

Shona Cooper

Three Ways You Can Work With Us to Differentiate More Strongly, Increase Your Relevance, Credibility & Achieve Higher Revenue

We have three different ways you can work with us, so depending on your preferences, you have the perfect solution to differentiate more strongly and achieve higher revenue growth.

The question is, do you want us to;

  1. Build your brand for you – find out more here or get in touch [email protected] or ring +353 1 8322724
  2. Enable you to build your brand – check out the Persona Brand Strategy Leadership Mastermind here. This is a live, interactive programme online where you work on your brand with us codifying and mapping out your brand strategy to differentiate more strongly and achieve higher revenue. Alternatively, join our online half-day Branding Accelerator Masterclass for a fast-injection of brand-building essentials. You can also ask about our Personal and Corporate Leadership Brand Alignment Masterclass
  3. Want a DIY solution? Check out our how to build a brand eprogramme here and our how to audit your brand yourself eprogramme here  

If you think we’re a good potential partner for you, and we feel we can bring value to your business, then we’ll lead you through your brand-building journey. You can become more profitable, whilst also internalising that essential brand strategy expertise amongst your team, so you increase performance, productivity, and cohesion. 

You’ll have more informed brand clarity enabling better decisions to drive your business, whether you’re in the early years of rapid growth spurts, or well established and hungry to seriously accelerate your growth trajectory.

brand strategy“We participated in the Persona Branding Strategy Leadership Mastermind Programme online. The 12-week program suited us as the weekly accountability spurred us on to get work done between sessions.

We found the flow of the course appropriate for the development of the brand through the various areas of the business. Already, we have developed our Customers Personas and our Brand Persona adding value to the business.

The course has helped us make more astute decisions in the business such as restructuring our product offerings, so we grow more profitable lines and remove those with lower margins.

Lorraine is very helpful and accessible as a tutor with follow-up after each live working session and the half-day masterclass. Most of all the clarity achieved has been most invaluable.

In the first two weeks of March 2020, before Covid-19 required us to close, we were 300% up in our online sales compared to the whole of March 2019. By the end of May 2020 [after being completely closed for 6 weeks with our 150 staff furloughed] we were back to 69% and by end of June 2020 back at 108%, January 2021 we’re up four-fold on January 2019 

— results achieved from applying our brand strategy.”

Sinead Heffernan

Managing Director

Thunders Bakery

Sinead Heffernan

Are we the right fit for you?

Perhaps our brand values will give you a bit more insight into what makes us tick and how we work with our customers because they drive the way we do things.

They also ensure decision-making is a lot easier and faster. The question is, do they resonate with you too?

  1. Simplify the Complex: We believe in demystifying the complicated and making it accessible using our proprietary IP, innovation, and technology so business leaders, decision-makers, founders, managers, and entrepreneurs can make more informed choices to differentiate strongly, achieve higher revenue, and build brand asset value 
  2. Unstoppable in Uncertainty: Robust brand strategy is about intentionally building business and brand resilience, so we avoid ad hoc short term quick fixes and build to thrive long term
  3. Inform & Enable: We’re branding Mavens, so we believe in empowering our community and customers both at leadership and team level — the internalisation of brand strategy skills and capabilities to support consistent growth
  4. Honestly Challenge & Support: We believe in challenging the status quo, asking the difficult questions, and supporting customers through their transformation, so they minimise vulnerabilities, maximise strengths, and leverage new opportunities
  5. Innovate & Create: Malleability, adaptability, and the willingness to pivot through innovation and creativity is our raison d’etre, so we continually innovate functionally and aesthetically, leverage technology because this creativity underpins our success and that of our customers enabling us all to thrive into the future — and potentially leave a legacy for those who follow us 
  6. Do The Right Thing: It may not always be comfortable or easy, but we believe in doing the right thing, finding a way forward, ensuring integrity, staying true to who we are, both because it’s fundamental to our customers’ success and our success — that said, we’re not push-overs either!
  7. Prevent Resource Waste: We live in a world where sustainability in all its forms needs to be the byword collectively, so we look to prevent resource waste, reinvent and find more cost-effective solutions in everything considered 
  8. Memorable Fun & Laughter:  While we’re very serious about what we do and the outcomes achieved for our customers we also believe in making every interaction positive and engaging — lifting spirits and laughing together — because we’re all better at what we do and achieve more when there’s mutually fun in the process too 

“I really appreciate Lorraine’s energy and passion. Although good branding includes so many facets, Lorraine is able to simplify the process and make it so much more tangible for any company to put into practice.”

Lisa Kettman-Kervinen

Marketing Communication Specialist

The Switch

Lisa Kettman-Kervinen

Want to discover more about building your standout, highly profitable, №1 brand working with us?

  1. Schedule an appointment — we can meet in person online
  2. Let’s explore the possibilities of a customised plan for you
  3. And perhaps implement that plan together
  4. Contact us: [email protected] or +35318322724


“An exceptionally talented individual. Lorraine Carter, Persona Branding and Design has a wonderful ability to ‘horizon scan’ for any business and then bring them on a journey that delivers value to their Balance Sheet.”

Dave Feenan


Technology Ireland & ICT Skillnet

Dave Feenan

Your Persona Client Satisfaction Guarantee

  1. When you work with us, we’ll create a customised brand-building plan and strategy with clear investment for you tailored to your specific requirements and preferences
  2. You’ll know each step of your brand building journey before we start because we’ll discuss it, document it, and agree on it with you before work commences
  3. You’ll have timelines, key milestones, and deliverables to evaluate and approve for each stage and part of your brand building process
  4. Because we know the unexpected sometimes happens we can make adjustments along the way if you need it and if something extra is requested we’ll ensure you’re fully appraised about what that entails before committing
  5. As we achieve pre-agreed objectives you’ll be able to evaluate your brand building work and strategy in progress, coupled with the outcomes to ensure return on investment
Get in touch today because we’d love to get started helping you build your standout, powerhouse brand, so you can increase your profits and leave your competitors way behind. Email us [email protected] or ring us +35318322724 (GMT 9:00-17:30) and ask about our VIP Brand Strategy Leadership IP.  

Who do we typically work with?

As you can see from the selection of clients and brands shared, we work with both larger organisations and smaller businesses too. Our range of experience includes both entrepreneurs and founders, SME / SMB business owners, brand managers, government agencies, family businesses, associations, and universities – national and international brands.

The common factor across these different organisations and geographies is the recognition and focussed need to build a robust brand strategy that drives growth. Regardless of your size, that potential is accessible here to you, so you can grow your brand leadership capabilities and profits too. 

The question is, are you large and well-established but in need of a fresh perspective to ensure continued relevance or a lean young challenger that’s ambitiously disrupting the status quo or solving a problem in a very different way? Are you:

  1. An ambitious company that wants to increase your influence and appeal to your ideal target customer, so you increase your profitability?
  2. Dynamic but unsure of your strengths and need clarity on how to amplify them more effectively, so you can increase your success?
  3. Discontented and in need of reinvigoration, rebranding, or a brand refreshreassessing what you do, why, and how you do things, so you can grow faster and more effectively with a highly cohesive team?
  4. Successful with a strong brand that perhaps need re-evaluation to ensure its continued relevance and strength, so you can put an even bigger wedge between you and competitors that are infringing on your territory?
  5. A young business that needs to evaluate, define, develop and establish your brand using brand strategy coupled with your business strategy, so you can drive your growth faster?

We’re always curious, so very open to discussing new opportunities. Contact us. We may be the best call you make this year to help you drive growth.  

Contact us [email protected]  or ring T: +353 1 8322724

branding strategy

© Persona Design

“An excellent programme that provides an informative guide on how to structure your brand’s development whether you are launching a new brand, refreshing an existing one and/or conducting a review of your brand to ascertain possible weaknesses.”

Ciarán Barry


Broadview Ventures

Ciarán Barry

What can we do for you? 

In focussing on your needs we’re unashamedly high energy creators and innovators with a strong commercial focus on achieving increased client brand profitability.

We work collaboratively with you leading you through the brand-building process. Typically, that includes research, defining, aligning, developing, creating, activating and accelerating your brand and business transformation. 

Often that includes [but is not limited to]:

  1. Starting with research of your target market and competitor space
  2. Identify and articulate what your brand stands for — what makes it different?
  3. Develop your brand’s position, differentiators, value proposition and purpose, vision, mission, promise, and personality, so it stands out and attracts your ideal customers
  4. Embellish compelling brand stories to attract your ideal audience, and embed your brand into their consciousness
  5. Identify all your different customer profiles through mapping your Purchaser Personas, so you can engage and convert your customers and prospects effectively on their terms yet in greater numbers
  6. Develop the tone and style of how you want to talk with your ideal customer, so you resonate with them
  7. Evaluate your brand hierarchy and ‘product’ portfolio structures to maximise up-sells and cross-sells to grow your sales
  8. Create brand collateral and design solutions that reflect your brand persona, and deliver on your brand strategy and business objectives — ensuring they drive your customer attracting magnets

In a nutshell, we create and build your brand with you based on an in-depth understanding of your organisation, your customers, and your business objectives because this is what ultimately drives commercial growth.

“If you’re interested in the brand strategy that will take you to the next level, that will put you on the market in a premium position, Lorraine Carter is the person to assist you in getting there with specific elements and with specific tools that simply work. All you have to do is focus and know what you want — she provides the tool kit you need to accomplish your goals.”

Adina Iacob

Founder, PR, Communications & Media Relations Consultant

Adina Iacob

Unapologetically honest?

If we’re going to really blow our own horn, then the truth is, the magic we bring is infusing robust branding strategy, strong communications, and compelling design with rock-solid business objectives.

We’re branding strategy experts, marketers, and brand designers forever fascinated by the promise of possibility, about tackling new challenges and finding new opportunities for collective success, because (even if you think it’s a bit cheesy) your success is our success too.

Being insightful open observers enables us to shift our perspective and consequently enable you to create a more authentic connection between your brand and your customers, which in turn successfully converts a vacillating customer into a loyal and profitable brand advocate.

Our purpose is to enable you to ‘Transform Your Brand & Increase Your Sales’ — to make your business more successful by ensuring your brand strategy makes a very positive impact on your people, your customers, and most importantly your bottom line.

Essentially, we can add extraordinary value to your products, service, or ideas, helping you grow your brands, develop distinctive communications strategies and ultimately support you to increase your success, sustain long-term competitive advantage and consistently achieve higher revenue. 

Still not sure? You can take a look at what some of our clients and customers have to say about the results they’ve got and what it’s like working with us.

When did you last give your brand a health check using a brand audit?

When did you last give your brand a health check using a brand audit?

A brand audit health check helps you monitor your brand, so you keep it fresh and relevant from a customer perspective to drive growth. It informs you of when, where and how you need to reinvigorate, rebrand, revitalise or consider a brand refresh before sales start to slip or turn things around if you’ve already got problems.

If you want us to evaluate your brand for you and give you professional insights and recommendations on how to move forward more successfully then get in touch [email protected] 

We’re invariably always very interested in how to solve pernickety problems so are potentially very well-placed to help you address your brand challenges and provide you with the expert leadership and support you need to grow your business.

Want a DIY solution instead? Take a look at the Auditing Analysis Accelerator™ Programme here. It’s a step-by-step process empowering you to audit your brand yourself, so you can grow your business and become more profitable.

Have you considered the Persona Brand Strategy Leadership Mastermind? This is a live, highly interactive programme online where you work on your brand with us codifying and mapping out your brand strategy for business growth. It’s very robust and gets results fast, as evidenced by all the customers who’ve leveraged it to increase their revenue. Alternatively, you have the option of the Persona Branding Accelerator Masterclasses for a fast injection of brand building essentials. 

These are transformational programmes and workshops using the proprietary Persona Brand Building Blueprint™. This system is very effective, as evidenced by customers’ results worldwide because it is so effective in enabling businesses to drive growth — achieve higher revenue. In fact, it’s also used on the Economist Group platform [we created and own the IP].

Get in touch if you’d like to discover more [email protected]  or ring T: +353 1 8322724

Brand Audit Course

Start Your Brand Audit eCourse Here


brand strategy“Lorraine Carter is my branding mentor, she’s the person that showed me how to improve my personal and business brands — they were a mess when she initially looked at what we had — and she blew my mind! I’ve paid high fees to other ‘supposed’ brand consultants who only had 30% of her in-depth expertise, and they couldn’t deliver on what we needed.

She gives you the key foundations and lays things out in an easy to use system which gives you all the essentials needed to make your brand stand out, to make your brand highly visible. If you use her branding strategy system you’ll soon have everyone talking about your product or service to become No.1 in your market.

Lorraine takes no-name companies and transforms them into household brand names. Most importantly, she’s great fun, absolutely passionate about branding, and she’ll entertain you whilst demystifying branding and making the unknown clearer — because designing a logo is only a tiny part of your entire branding process.

I would highly recommend the Mastermind programme to every entrepreneur who wants to be more successful and have a clear message driven by their brand.”

Thank you so much Lorraine for all your help. We wouldn’t be so well known in the USA, UK, or Romania if it wasn’t for your direction and input to develop and build our brand.”

Ozana Giusca


Tooliers & Ozana

Ozana Giusca

Got a question, comment or need some help with your brand?

We’re thrilled! Send us a short note and we’ll be in touch.
We do our best to read every message within 48 business hours. We’re kind of obsessive about customer care so if you don’t hear back, that means we didn’t get your message so please do send it again.

    “I recently organized a large Business Forum for business owners and stakeholders entitled ‘After the Storm – New Business Opportunities’ to highlight the challenges and changing face of doing business in 2013. I was delighted to engage Lorraine Carter to speak at the Forum as I have seen first hand her expertise in Branding and Design.

    More importantly I know Lorraine as a Professional Speaker who delivers not only excellent content but is passionate about the positive financial impact of great branding and design.

    Lorraine’s talk entitled ‘Brand Your Way Out of Recession’ was extremely well received. Her clarity, eloquence and use of storytelling evoked clear examples of how both big, medium and even small businesses have reached the top with successful use of effective branding and design.

    I’d recommend Lorraine as a Speaker at your next event or conference. She is an expert in what she does but more importantly she is an expert who knows how to speak about it!”

    Sharon Cahir | Author Solicitor Lawyers and Leaders Coach and Trainer

    “I have had the benefit of working alongside Lorraine Carter with mutual clients and will happily do so again.

    Lorraine understands the power of brands for businesses in a way that makes practical sense to businesses. Her dedication to her craft is a great credit to her along with her attention to her clients and the details that matter.

    Lorraine understands how to work with people who don’t work with brands on a daily basis and above all Lorraine has a bottom line value orientation. I look forward to continuing working with Lorraine and her team at Persona Branding & Design.”

    Dave Gribben Enable Better Business


    “The Maguire & Paterson brand was established in 1882 and therefore the rebranding and new packaging had to be managed in a very sensitive and caring manner.

    Persona Branding & Design worked very effectively with the M&P management team ensuring that the findings of consumer research were correctly interpreted and factored into the brand revitalization and new range designs. We found their ability to steer us of significant benefit.

    Persona Branding & Design also ensured that we kept our focus on core objectives and diplomatically challenged us at various stages on our thought process, ensuring that any brand preferences did not stray from the core objectives.

    We would have no hesitation in recommending Persona Branding & Design and we would be very pleased to speak with any potential client(s).”

    Neil ScaifeHead of Commercial Control | SHS Sales & Marketing Ltd


    “Lorraine Carter creates meaningful and immaculately designed brands based on a deep subject matter expertise.  She, through Persona Branding & Design, provides a world class professional services for all sized enterprises.

    Her understanding of target markets results in memorable and distinctive work that empathises with end customers. Lorraine brings a uniquely positive energy to every meeting that leaves her clients engaged and delighted.

    Emmet SavageFounder and CEO | Rubicoin

    “Lorraine Carter is a true marketing professional. She is highly creative and has delivered impactful, innovative brand solutions for my business for almost a decade.”

    Rita AhernManaging Director | Food Matters


    “Persona Branding & Design supports our company with an excellent level of creativity in all areas of branding, design and marketing. They listen, understand and interpret our needs perfectly with a formidable proficiency in execution. It is only fair to say that our company expectations of original briefs have always been exceeded.”

    Andy MulloyManaging Director | Connemara Seafoods Ltd

    Caterhire-500px“I have worked with Persona Branding & Design for more than 8 years. They have become an invaluable extension of our team, working with us in a flexible, intelligent and pragmatic way.

    Once commissioned, they became part of the business extending their expert opinion and brilliant creative solutions in total harmony with our requirements which has achieved great results. This is important since it is often the detail that can make or break a business relationship.  Their work philosophy is the best contract a client can hope to receive.”

    Gavin DivillyManaging Director | Cater Hire Ireland Ltd

    Wavin-500px“Persona Design successfully applied their extensive branding experience from consumer goods directly to an important industrial B2B product range within our organisation. This was pivotal in the formulation of our brand communications strategy which also included design, packaging, point of sale material and brand promotional plan, all of which contributed to a very successful commercial outcome.”

    Michael O’DonohueCountry Director | Wavin Ireland Ltd

    “Lorraine is an excellent start to finish project manager with tremendous creativity and ability to work budgets and timelines effectively.”

    Kelley SpillaneSenior Vice President | Castle Brands

    Country-Crest-500px“I can’t say enough about the excellent work that Persona Branding & Design has done for us. They didn’t just look at our design requirements but challenged us to really look at the fundamentals of our brand and our target market.

    They fully engaged with our team and questioned our thinking, providing strong guidance when needed to keep us all on track. Not only is their work exceptional but it’s an absolute pleasure to work with them too.

    The end product has evoked huge comment from customers and buyers alike as to its thought provoking branding, design and uniqueness, thus putting Country Crest into a whole different zone of marketing.”

    Tony Doyle Commercial Director | Country Crest

    “Lorraine Carter from Persona Design recently presented at our Dell Social Media Event on the importance of Brand for Corporate and Self. Lorraine provided great tips, many of them thought-provokingfrom her vast experience in developing brands, as an individual, for customers and the importance of building relationships.

    I would highly recommend Lorraine as a trusted advisor on Brand Development and Management.”

    Joan ByrneSaaS Portfolio Manager EMEA | Dell Inc

    Zed-Candy-500px“Persona Design has always exceeded the objectives of our briefs. Their level of interaction and creative rigour offering a range of fresh concepts is brilliant.

    Apart from being great people to work with, Persona Branding & Design offers an unbeatable combination in their level of service, lateral thinking, attention to detail, strategic focus and commitment to all projects undertaken. They are a key asset within my company and I would be delighted to personally recommend their services.”

    Donal KavanaghSales & Marketing Director | Zed Candy Ltd

    “Persona Design are very talented brand consultants and packaging design experts. They are knowledgeable, creative and highly dependable. My company has hired them for a number of projects and we have always been very pleased with the results.

    In fact, several of their projects for us have won prestigious awards. I highly recommend Persona Branding & Design.”

    Mark Andrews IIIChairman of the Board | Castle Brands Inc

    Robert-Roberts-500px“Persona Branding & Design has adroitly managed several of our most important brand design briefs over the past couple of years and in doing so brought a high degree of creativity plus in depth knowledge in dealing with packaging and print suppliers that was vital for the completion of the successful end product.

    Their attention to detail and open book costing consistently ensures no surprises on design or origination quotations.”

    Gerry MurphyMarketing Director | Robert Roberts Ltd

    “I was delighted to be a participant in Lorraine’s Master class on Branding, Packaging and Design. Lorraine has extensive experience is this area and her third party examples of clients she has worked with really drove the message home on the importance of one’s brand and how powerful it can be.

    She is passionate in her message and delivers it with conviction. I strongly recommend her as a trainer, speaker in the area of branding, packaging and design as she is truly an expert.”

    Margaret Hoctor Personal Coach | Trainer | Mentor and Facilitator

    Wavin-500px“Persona Design has worked with Wavin on the creation and development of the new branding and marketing collateral for the launch of a new range of premium products.

    They worked closely with our commercial team during this period to deliver a fantastic launch, on time and within budget. I would highly recommend Persona Branding & Design to anyone who is looking for a company that adds value through innovative ideas.”

    Brendan MurphyCommercial Director Wavin UK & Ireland | Wavin UK Ltd

    “Lorraine is a highly experienced and expert marketing professional. That’s just one way of putting it. She is an expert public speaker and her passion for subject matter shines though when she presents on a subject that is obviously close to her heart. Highly professional and credible, she is always looking for the best way to apply her talent for her clients best interest.

    Her firm is highly successful in delivering strategic marketing projects for their prestigious client base. I have no hesitation in offering my highest recommendation for Lorraine and her team at Persona Branding & Design”

    Paul C DwyerGlobal Cyber Security Expert

    “Lorraine’s depth of knowledge in branding is immense. I have attended some of her courses and also see first hand the benefits Persona Branding & Design can bring to a business. I am always happy to recommend Lorraine.”

    Ruaidhri PrendergastTechnology Sales Engine | Tech Marketing | Sofware | SaaS | FinTech | Hardware | 10x Return on Investment | Co-Founder | Ingenuity

    “I have known of Lorraine’s high quality work for a number of years and in late 2008 I finally had the opportunity to work with her in developing a brand and marketing strategy for an upcoming awards ceremony.

    Lorraine patiently guided the team through the process and was excellent in identifying the nuances, do’s and don’ts of our target market. We started out thinking a brand was just a logo but now know better!

    Before this however, Lorraine had sat down for coffee on an number of occasions with my colleague and I on a different venture and was very generous with her time and sharing her knowledge. I aim to call on Lorraine many times in the future and look forward to it.”

    Ian Lawlor New Business | Lotus Investment Group

    “I’d be happy to recommend Lorraine Carter and her company, Persona Branding & Design, to any client who wants an enthusiastic and passionate business partner to produce compelling brands built on a sound strategy.”

    Tim HealyMercator Marketing Research

    “Lorraine is both highly creative and strategic. Her professional and flexible approach combined with her attention to detail resulted in exceptional work which perfectly met the clients needs. A pleasure to work with. I’d happily recommend her for any brand project!”

    Alayne RooneyMarketing Consultant

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