The Persona Brand Building Blueprint™ Mastermind


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8:30 – 17:00 both days


Dublin, Ireland

Branding is NOT marketing or design but the bedrock strategy supporting and directing your whole business.

So the question is, when did you last re-evaluate the structural foundations of your business?

If you want to pitch, price and position your brand to your ideal customers as the perfect choice, then you must master your brand message, position your products or services as the best solution and target your ideal customers at the right time in the right places.

Over an intensive two day workshop with a small group of like-minded peers, branding expert Lorraine Carter leads and fast-tracks you through evaluating which route to choose, the most effective process for a brand refresh, rebranding, overhauling, or launching your new brand to market and all the critical essentials you need to include to ensure a successful brand transformation — the do’s and dont’s for doing it successfully.

You work on your brand with her leadership as she takes you through the complete brand building process and map out your brand from the ground up.

After two days with Lorraine’s tutelage, you leave with your brand built for accelerated business growth so you have a completely documented roadmap of your brand empowering you to manage your brand and grow your business faster and more effectively.

This mastermind is also your opportunity to make time for strategic thinking in a brand and business context. The like-minded peer group of senior management from non-competing sectors enriches the whole experience with shared expertise coupled with other perspectives from outside your field from which to draw on.

Executive PA Forum 2018 and 2017


May 2018 and 2017


Radisson Blu Royal, Dublin 2018

RDS, Dublin, Ireland 2017

Do you want to stand out? Get headhunted for that next big career move? Leverage yourself as a thought leader in your industry? Mitigate risk in your business? Become the sought-after expert in your field? Then you need to develop your personal brand.

A truly successful personal brand creates a consistent impression that enables you to achieve both your professional and personal objectives. 

At its best, your personal brand should be an authentic reflection of who you are. This includes everything from your experience to your current skill sets together with your personal values and what you stand for.

When showcased appropriately, those who identify with you recognise you as an expert in your field. Which is why it’s so important to flawlessly personify what makes you truly unique so you can leverage your personal brand to ignite new opportunities, get paid what you deserve and grow your business more profitably.

Join me at the Executive PA Forum, where I’ll be sharing with you how to build, develop and deploy your personal brand strategy aligned with your corporate brand entity for maximum impact. Find out more here.

Business Growth Online Bootcamp

Lifetime Library:

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Worldwide Online Conference

Do you want to take your business further, faster and make 2017 your best year yet?

Then you need to checkout the Business Growth Online Bootcamp where some 35 plus of the world’s leading business growth experts share their expertise.

Experts like ‘The World’s #1 SME Business Guru’, Michael E. Gerber, best selling author of The E-Myth (and over 20 other books relating to entrepreneurship) shares his wisdom and experience.

The takeaways and learnings from this event change your business perspective and life choices because these world leaders share their expertise with like-minded business owners, entrepreneurs and managers like you. No sales pitches, just pure high quality content!

You can checkout where I share my top tips and insights on ‘Transforming Your Business by Making Your Brand Matter More to Customers’ so you can increase your sales.

Discover and model winning strategies from the best here so you build your ideal business now.

Business Success Marathon™

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Worldwide Online Conference

How does it sound to have a team of business gurus helping you to take your business to the next level and achieve the greatest possible success in your niche?

I’ve partnered with some true professionals that I admire and love to work with, all No.1 in their field, in order to bring you this really special event.

Global experts like;

  • Jonathan Mizel – Hawaii
  • Ozana Giusca – Romania
  • Ketan Makwana – UK
  • Mike Berry – Scotland
  • Nick James – UK
  • Lilia Severina – Ukraine
  • David Shephard – UK
  • Justin Devonshire – Cyprus
  • Steve Olsher – USA

to name just a few.

This is an event that’ll change your business perspective and life choices because these world leaders are going to share their expertise with like-minded entrepreneurs like you. No sales pitches, just pure high quality content!

Discover and model winning strategies from the best so you build your ideal business now.

How to Rebrand
Access complimentary articles each week that give you proven agile branding strategies for growing a very profitable business using big-brand know-how so you can build a highly visible, credible, trustworthy and much loved, standout brand.
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