Want to make your brand stand out?

Want a highly recognised, credible, trustworthy and much-loved name?

The Personality Profile Performer™ Programme empowers you to build your brand so you can become №1 in your market and increase your profits.

If you want a really vibrant successful brand you have to inject it with purpose, meaning, stories and feelings because this is what makes brands matter most to customers. It’s one of the key secrets behind making a brand stand out to be highly visible, different, distinctive, memorable and loveable.

Are you a brand owner or manager with an existing brand, product or service, that you want to make stronger to grow your business, or are you developing a new brand to launch to market but you’re just not sure where to start to ensure a strong financial return?

The Personality Profile Performer™ course is perfect for you.

“Lorraine’s Personality Profile Performer™ has enabled my startup business as a hostel to become one of the leading hostels in Singapore today.

Hipstercity is now one of the top rated hostels, which even myself never expected. Her Branding techniques are brilliant and concise.

Following her videos has opened my mind to build a brand that is world class and it is continuously still growing at an overwhelming rate.

Most of my guests think that I have franchised Hipstercity from a big corporate company, but was shocked to know that it was just me who did it – saying that it was done so refined and professional – thanks to Lorraine!

Having this established brand people from all over the world want to have a piece of it – and at most days we are fully booked as the demand is just too high.

Even on our first day of opening – we were alarmingly fully booked with no marketing involved. So that alone says a lot already that people have based their decision on what they perceive as an established brand.

Up until this day, our guests are truly appreciative of our efforts for this startup hostel and beleive that its one of the best.

It constantly exceeds their expectations as well as mine. Our ratings in booking.com says it all. I wholeheartedly thank Lorraine, for making me see what my core values are and what I truly believe in because that enabled me to share with the rest of the world.
Thank you Lorraine!”

With Much Sincerity,
Chuckie Lumanlan
Hipstercity Owner

Chuckie LumanlanFounder, Owner | Hipstercity

“We empower business leaders, owners and entrepreneurs using agile brand building strategy underpinned by big-brand know-how to make their brand their ideal customers’ favourite brand and them super savvy brand builders so they consistently achieve 7-figure growth.”

With the Personality Profile Performer™ course you will:

  • Make your brand standout with higher perceived value than your competitors so you can increase your sales and your profits
  • Discover how to attract more of your ideal audience so you can become the visible leader and get more loyal customers faster
  • Map out the blueprint or roadmap for your brand so you have a strong brand building strategy aligned to your business goals now and into the future
  • Build a compelling brand which enables you to avoid price wars or discounting so you can charge a premium for your product or service
  • Identify and profile your different customer types so you can leverage your brand to really meet each of their various needs with the result they all want to buy from you
  • Make your different products or services (multiple brands) work effectively together to avoid customer confusion and so you can leverage new product introductions successfully

With this course you will also. . .

  • Discover how successful brands and branding works so you can model and apply those proven systems to grow your business
  • Get complete clarity and focus on what your brand stands for and what makes it different so it has much stronger recognition amongst your customers and you can sell it effectively
  • Ensure your staff, colleagues, stakeholders and partners become effective brand ambassadors empowered by you, selling your brand with the same consistent message to your customers and prospects
  • Produce your detailed brand brief for third parties so you can direct and control what you want with your brand designs, copywriting, photography and advertising to get the right results, on time and within budget to grow your business
  • Avoid some of the most costly and common mistakes typically made by most SMBs/SMEs and small business owners
  • Create a valuable intellectual property asset so you have a legacy to pass onto your family or more choices if you are ever seeking investment or selling your business

How Each Lesson Works

Watch one tutorial at a time in sequence and complete the work attached to each step-by-step before starting the next video.

Complete the worksheet, questionnaire or checklist attached to each lesson before moving onto the next section.

Take action and apply the outputs from your work to your brand so you can grow your business.

Ozana-Giusca“Lorraine Carter is my branding mentor, she’s the person that showed me how to improve my personal and business brands — they were a mess when she initially looked at what we had — and she blew my mind! I’ve paid high fees to other ‘supposed’ brand consultants who only had 30% of her in-depth expertise and they couldn’t deliver on what we needed.

Lorraine takes no name companies and transforms them into household brand names. Most importantly, she’s great fun, absolutely passionate about branding and she’ll entertain you whilst demystifying branding and making the unknown clearer — because designing a logo is only a tiny part of your entire branding process.

She gives you the key foundations and lays things out in an easy to use system which gives you all the essentials needed to make your brand standout, to make your brand highly visible. If you use her branding system you’ll soon have everyone talking about your product or service to become No.1 in your market.”

Ozana GiuscaFounder CEO, Tooliers

Adina-Iacob“Win their hearts to move their minds, this are the eight words that would best sum up these two days in Lorraine Carter’s Branding Bootcamp. A very, very, very, warm and fun professional to work with. Someone that has taught me how to further engage my clients in the results they want. And also someone that has delivered a very hands on instrument to work with no matter where I intend to use it, either in my PR business or with my clients to assist them in achieving their results.

If you are a young entrepreneur just like me and you know what you want to sell, either a product or a service, and it’s really good quality but you just can’t grasp the how to communicate your message to your core audience, Lorraine Carter is the person you want to work with in order to figure that out and also take you to the next level.

Adina JacobPR, Communications & Media Relations Consultant

Adina-IacobIf you’re interested in the brand strategy that will take you to the next level, that will put you on the market in a premium position, Lorraine Carter is the person to assist you in getting there with specific elements and with specific tools that simply work. All you have to do is focus and know what you want.

Lorraine Carter is definitely a well established professional and it is always a pleasure to see how she helps people like me see their dreams come true just by providing the tool kit that they need to accomplish their goals.”

Adina Iacob PR, Communications & Media Relations Consultant

Camelia-Paduraru“As I’m always looking for new ways to improve myself and grow my business I was attracted by the presentation Lorraine Carter gave. I was looking for new ways to revitalise my brand and to increase its impact and the perception of it in the mind of my customer so I attended Lorraine’s workshop and I found a lot of value in the way that she has structured all the branding process from building the brand’s blueprint to how to communicate it outside.

What I can say from the perspective of someone who’s not an amateur in the field because I’ve studied communications, public relations and branding I still found a lot of value in the insights that Lorraine has provided. I found a lot of examples and stories to get me thinking about my brand in a different way. And so I had a structure, I had a big picture of the structure and steps to go through when thinking of your brand and its got me thinking about new ways to communicate it and new ways to give it more personality, new ways to differentiate more and make it even more relevant in the minds of my customers. This is what made me decide to participate in the bootcamp.

Camelia PaduraruOwner - Trainer, Coach | Crafting Minds

Camelia-PaduraruFor anyone who has a start-up or even a well established business I would totally recommend to come to this bootcamp because it will provide them with a new perspective on how to think of their brand. You see in different markets and industries that are overly competitive what makes the difference is knowing what exactly your business is all about and why people would choose you instead of any other competitor.

What makes you different from all the other service or product providers in the market because that’s whats going to make your business be the No.1 choice in the range of those specific products or services that you’re providing. Also thats what’s going to make your brand standout and have a long lasting life and thrive in the context of where you’re operating and delivering value. So totally go for it!

The bootcamp provides you with a lot of insight and more than that, with a systematic process that’s easy for you to understand, easy for you to grasp, easy for you to work with so you finally nail what makes you different in your business, and what you are about and what those key points are that resonate with your audience.

Camelia Paduraru Owner - Trainer, Coach | Crafting Minds

Camelia-PaduraruAlso what was revealing for me was to start this process by thinking of the customer persona, my ideal customer, what are his or her most important needs, most important problems that I can solve with my service. That’s totally changed the way of thinking of my brand, that’s totally changed the way of thinking of its personality and how to give it more juice, how to bring it to life.

Even when I went through a branding process with another agency three years ago at some point I started feeling that there’s not enough life in it, it doesn’t standout, there’s something missing. Even though I didn’t know what was missing, I didn’t know how to identify what was missing, I couldn’t nail it.

It was a feeling that something is missing from the picture and the bootcamp has helped me get a new vision and new ways of adding attributes, adding life, personality to the brand. It’s been very interesting experience for me, what I experienced at the end of the bootcamp after working through all the processes was that feeling of falling back in love with my brand. Which totally made a difference, its going to make a difference for my future actions, for the future process of growing my business.”

Camelia PaduraruOwner - Trainer, Coach | Crafting Minds

“I attended Lorraine’s seminar about branding and I think she’s really an excellent person. She knows a lot about branding. She can make you understand what branding is really all about, how to build your brand, why it’s important to build your brand, and what you can do to be separate yourself from your competitors, how you can become No.1 in your market. How to differentiate yourself and be unique in the market.     

Lorraine’s branding seminar is convinced me to attended her Branding Bootcamp and it’s really great. I really enjoyed it and her vision, her way of doing things because she gets you to understand what really marketing means. She gets you to understand what branding means. I didn’t know what exactly branding meant before I went to the bootcamp. She helps you to create the story of your brand. She makes you understand what you really need to know in order to be a powerful brand in the market.

Isabela IacobLife & Business Coach for Executives

Isabela-Iacob…For me it was really helpful and I advise all entrepreneurs or business owners to come and join this bootcamp. We designed our brand mission, vision, values, the personality of our brand, what we promise to our clients. During the bootcamp we also developed the whole brand brief for when using external agencies so when we left the bootcamp we had all our homework done.

I would strongly recommend all potential clients who are interested in developing their businesses to join this bootcamp. This bootcamp is really very relevant for everyone interested in building their brand. Its very valuable in helping your create the necessary vision.”

Isabela IacobLife & Business Coach for Executives

Carmen-Cociorva“I’m very happy I attended this event. Lorraine Carter is extraordinary, both as a person and as a specialist. The most important lesson I have drawn from what she presented is that our customers must be taken over emotionally first and then by analytical and reasonable arguments. This is something I’m going to take with me and implement immediately within my business”

Carmen CociorvaFounder & European Trademark & Design Attorney | Patentpoint

Learn the process for building your brand to be different, visible, memorable and loved – to increase your profits

Follow the step-by-step system to avoid overwhelm and gain incredible confidence in your brand building skills.

When you enroll, you’ll get instant access to the entire programme (step-by-step videos, worksheets, checklists, done-for-you-templates, questionnaires) which is broken down into 10 actionable sections.

Section 1: Brands & Branding 101 Introduction

• How brands and branding actually works

• The primary reasons for building your brand

• Evaluate industry sectors typically with best brand alignment so you can apply the most effective strategies to be the lead perfomer

Section 2: Meaning Matters™

• Why and how meaning matters in branding

• The different reasons buy people brands, product or service

• Evaluating and building your brand desirability; what, why, how so you make your brand more captivating

Section 3: Pole Positioning™

• Brand positioning – what is it?

• How to determine and decide your brand positioning

• Building and applying your brand positioning so you can standout and command a premium

Section 4: Hierarchy Systemizer™

• Brand architecture – what is it?

• Evaluating different types of brand architecture routes

• How to determine and decide your brand architecture strategy so you can apply, manage and structure your brands strategically

Section 5: Purchaser Personas™

• Purchaser Personas – what are they and why they matter?

• How to research your different customer profiles

• Building your purchaser personas for each customer type so you can leverage your brand to meet their needs

Section 6: Values Validators™

• Brand Values – what are they and why they matter?

• How to develop and evaluate your brand values

• Building your compelling brand values so they are distinctive, different and memorable — the heart of your brand

Section 7: Mission Motivators™

• Why and how brand mission drives purchase

• Evaluating your brand’s big why, the meaning beyond the money

• Developing your brand mission so you can build the driving force underpinning your business to increase your profits

Section 8: Personality Prober™

• Brand archetypes – what are they and why they matter?

• Identifying the 12 different brand archetypes

• Evaluating and building your brand archetype, the distinctive personality of your brand to standout and attract your customers

Section 9: Potent Promises™

• Brand promises – what are they and why they matter?

• Identifying the 6 key ingredients of a strong brand promise

• Evaluating and building your brand promise, that on which you will never compromise so your ideal customer finds you irresistible


Section 10: Stellar Stories™

• Brand stories – why they are the route to brand growth?

• Identifying the 6 key ingredients of a strong brand story

• Build your compelling brand story using the Story Selling System™

   so your brand becomes the memorable, referrable, preferred choice

Extra Bonuses

• Brand Blueprint done-for-you template

• Brand asset management and protection tips

• Guidelines for conducting a competitive tender

• Tender invitation letter done-for-you templates

• Write your brand design brief using my done-for-you template

Why I Created This Course

Quite simply, I love seeing people achieve their dreams and thrive. My greatest pleasure with course participants is seeing them make huge strides, achieving their goals and exceed their own expectations.

I now know what it feels like to get up every day and work towards a dream, a mission that you’re really focussed on and passionate about. I’ve created a life I couldn’t have even imagined for myself, and as a result, I feel like the most dynamic version of myself that I’ve ever been.

I want that for you too, so that you’re no longer struggling with your business but attracting your ideal audience with that special something that only your brand has.

For more than twenty years I’ve worked with brands of all sizes, small and large, national and international, and there’s a huge gap in the market for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs who don’t have copious budgets to invest with big professional branding agencies.

These are often SMEs/SMBs who mistakenly hire a graphic designer to ‘create’ their brand and what they get is an aesthetically lovely design solution that doesn’t get any commercial results because it’s not been underpinned by a solid brand strategy or brand roadmap which their business uses to drive its growth strategy.

Don’t get me wrong, there is huge value in hiring a really good agency or a very talented branding expert. They do incredible work but sometimes those thousands in fees are just beyond your reach right now and something you’ll look at doing eventually.

This ‘need vacuum’ is why I set out to create an affordable course which gives you access to branding expertise coupled with the critical thinking skills to help you evaluate your business and communicate it in a meaningful way with your ideal audience.

Wherever you are in the world, this course is for you so you can build the brand of your dreams and achieve the results you deserve.

Wishing you growing success


What Makes This Brand Building Course Different

It’s not about theory or academia.

It’s packed with proven actionable methodologies and strategies which you can start applying in your business immediately.

You’ll uncover brand strategies that work in today’s economy.

This course has been developed specifically for small and medium size businesses, entrepreneurs, consultants and brand owner mangers.

You’ll get insights directly from an award winning and highly successful branding expert who’s worked with well known household brand names, both national and international.

I’ll be sharing what’s worked from my own business perspective and from my clients’ successes too.

I don’t teach anything that I haven’t personally tested.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there really anything inside this course that I don’t already know, or that I couldn’t find online for free?

Well let’s be honest, you can probably find any information that you want to online, but it doesn’t mean that it’s going to be easy and it’s definitely not always true or from a trusted source. In fact, there is a lot of completely false information circulating out there about what branding is really all about and how to build your brand.

Is this worth the money?

Let me ask you this: how valuable is your time? This course can easily save you weeks if not months – not to mention a lot of missed revenue or worse still very costly and common mistakes.

How long will this take?

It will only take you a few hours to get started and you can apply some of the strategies to your business immediately.

Many of my clients who complete the programme begin to see improvements immediately.

Does this work if I don’t sell products?

Absolutely. In fact, not only do I personally use it to sell my services I have taught thousands of other service providers to use it as well.

Can I do this?

If you are concerned about lacking tech skills, don’t be. This is not complicated. This course was created to walk you through every section step-by-step. Just go at your own pace.

Inside, you’ll find step-by-step informational videos offered in an organized and systematic way, as well a corresponding worksheets, checklists, questionnaires, done-for-you-templates and exercises to accelerate your brand building skills effectively.

Get The Personality Profile Performer Programme™ Now for Just $197

Limited Time Only Launch Offer – Standard Price $297

This course can easily save you months (if not years) of time researching and learning how to build your brand – not to mention avoiding a lot of missed revenue and costly mistakes.

The Personality Profile Performer™ is a digital product. After you complete the payment, you will get access to the members-only area with all the course content to help you build your brand.

About Lorraine

Lorraine Carter is an expert in brand building to drive commercial growth and high performance. Founder of Persona Branding & Design, she’s won multiple awards over the last twenty years working with brands on international markets, many of which are household names. Brands like Nestlé, Kerry Foods, Eurofound, Law Society of Ireland, Radisson Blu, Tesco, Castle Brands, Aldi, Wavin, Abberley Luxury Yachts, Dunnes Stores, Waitrose, Saba and Rubicoin to name a few.
She helps you become your ideal customers’ favourite No.1 brand and a savvy brand builder with a high performing team.
Lorraine’s methodologies and systems, such as the Persona Brand Building Blueprint™ System and How to Build a Brand Programme are used globally and also feature on The Economist Group platform. Her skill lies in empowering you and your team to make your brand highly visible, different, credible, trusted, memorable and much loved amongst your primary audiences — so that your standout brand commands lead position and grows your profits faster.
Lorraine takes underperforming or under-leveraged entities (product or service) and, working with business leaders, managers and entrepreneurs, transforms them into highly recognised, profitable brand names much loved amongst their primary audience.
An international branding expert, professional speaker, masterclass leader, advisor, writer, MBA and M.Sc guest lecturer, designer and mentor, she’s also the winner of Best Blog Ireland of an SME, Business Woman of the Year, Dublin and listed as one of the top 1,000 Women of Influence in Ireland in the Irish Tatler Business Annual. Lorraine’s featured in The Sunday Business Post Newspaper, The Irish Times Newspaper, The Law Society Gazette, Creativ Verpacken, ICOGRADA, Irish Packaging Year Book, Irish Tatler Magazine, Food Ireland along with various radio interviews and podcasts to name a few.

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This is your time, and this is the programme to help you build your brand successfully so you can fulfill your dreams faster.

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