Lorraine Carter chats with Alec Drew from ‘You and Your Business’ on Dublin CityFM about How to Build a Brand and Mistakes to Avoid

Have you got a well-established brand but you’re still struggling with competitor threats, price wars, discounts, disruptors and rapidly changing market trends?

Are you launching a new brand, rebranding or revitalising your brand but you haven’t yet got clarity on how to ensure a profitable return on your investment and increased sales?

Then listen in as Lorraine and Alec they talk about:

  1. The five biggest brand challenges businesses typicallly face
  2. The top 4 most costly and common branding mistakes to avoid
  3. How to increase your brand visibility, credibility, trust and likability so you can increase your profit margins, grow your business and greatly increase your sales

Lorraine Carter chats with Alex Gibson from ‘The Persuaders’ on Dublin CityFM about Personal Branding

Personal branding goes hand in hand with corporate branding because one enhances the other when harmoniously aligned.

Equally, if your brand is out of alignment it can damage both your personal standing and the brand you’re associated with so Alex Gibson and Lorraine Carter talk about the key factors required for building your strong personal brand aligned with the brand you represent or champion – to increase your success and mitigate risk.

Discover more about how to align your personal brand with your corporate, product or service entity brand here and get your free ‘Personal Brand Building’ download checklist here.

Listen here now on The Persuaders.

Lorraine Carter chats with Alan Dowling from Inc60 about ‘Why Design is NOT Branding’

When you think of a brand I bet the first thing you think of is logos, brochures and websites. The truth is when it comes to a brand that’s only a very small part of it.

One of the biggest mistakes companies or individuals make is rushing straight into the ‘fun’ part of creating the visual assets for their brand when the reality is, without a clear brand strategy you may waste significant amounts of money, and furthermore hold your business back from really reaching its full potential.

Discover how to avoid these common and costly mistakes with Lorraine and Alan here now on Inc60.

Lorraine Carter chats with Joe Dalton about ‘How to Build a Successful Brand’ whether it’s a Service, Product, Corporate Entity or Personal Brand

Join Lorraine and Joe on Breakthrough Brands as they chat about all things branding related, including personal branding, brand strategy and building a highly successful product, service or corporate brand entity.


Lorraine Carter chats with Don Harris from ‘You and Your Business’ on Dublin CityFM about Building a Successful Brand

Do you want to take your business further, faster and demystify a lot the misinformation around brands, branding and how to build your brand successfully?

Then join Lorraine and Don as they talk about all things branding and brand strategy related here on Dublin CityFM.

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