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Brand Identity Design: Key Principles for Achieving Winning Solutions

We all know great design has a critical role to play in creating a powerful brand as evidenced by the many examples across every sector and category around the world. The question here is, where do you start and how do you ensure that your chosen brand design direction is relevant and appropriate to achieve […]


Private Label: Branding Tips for Own Label Brands

Private labels used to be seen as the second rate offering in the retail world with a majority of consumers shying away from these alternatives to major brand products. They were viewed as knockoffs, cheap substitutes or poor quality ploys only purchased if you were trying to make your weekly shopping budget stretch a bit […]


Nostalgic Branding : Is It Right For Your Business?

Looking back can be a profitable forward thinking strategy for many brands, with careful due diligence and appropriate application. Nostalgia often evokes positive emotions such as warmth, security and a sense of comfort in the familiar.   These ‘feel-good’ associations can then be successfully transferred to your brand. Nostalgic brands are somehow seen as more […]


Limited Editions Packaging : Why They Work

Most of us at some point in our lives have probably been triggered to make an impulse purchase (or at least considered purchasing) one of our favourite brands solely because of the packaging.   There’s a high probability too that the particular brand packaging in question was of a ‘limited edition’ variety. Brands tend to […]


Eco Packaging, Essential for Your Profitability and the Environment

‘Made from recycled material’, ‘Eco-friendly’, ‘Sustainable’. Packaging terms have never been so popular as a means of distuinguishing and developing brand image.   The past 24 months have seen a transformative mind-set from many leading global brands willing to change their process to ensure ‘performance with conscience’.   From retail giants ‘Gap Inc’ to FMCG […]


New Lash Emporium Launch to Market !

Exciting news for all you beauty aficionados, The Lash Emporium has launched to market with an exclusive range of easy to apply, long lasting, handmade lashes in their newly revamped lash packaging.       With true commitment to market research the girls have all tried them out extensively and are now, needless to say, […]


O’Egg Packaging – A Winning Exhibit with ICOGRADA Galleria International !

Great News ! The new O’Egg Free Range White Egg packaging is a Winning Exhibit with ICOGRADA Galleria International, the world body for professional design founded in 1963. Officially launched at Bloom in Dublin this month, these delicious large white eggs are only available from O’Egg, straight from the family farm. Look out for the distinctive […]


16 Tips to Writing a Hot Design Brief to Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck

Over the years I have seen a lot of different brand design briefs of all shapes and sizes from the brilliant to simply dreadful, with too many in-between lacking sufficient substance to really get the best potential return for the resources invested.    Why is the brand design brief so important ? This might sound […]


Surviving & Thriving: Innovating Through Recession to Success

Innovation, that oh-so-elusive yet desirable trait touted as the engine for economic growth by our hackneyed politicians, is actually the life blood of any business but never more so then in our current economic market.    Fresher, smarter thinking is critical in business for ongoing growth and prosperity. Product and service development is a constant, […]