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Lorraine Carter speaks from over two decades of experience in branding strategy and brand development for both local and international businesses, small to medium enterprises, SMEs / SMBs, government agencies, educational and statutory institutions. Her unique and proven perspective on how to build brands is the foundation for her methodologies and Persona Brand & Design’s approach to brand development.

Speaking Topics

The most important thing to take away from any talk or presentation are actionable steps so you can make a difference in your business or organisation to drive growth.

Every presentation or talk Lorraine gives is tailored to meet the needs of the audience attending. This means she invests time in understanding their particular challenges and clarifying what they really need to know so the strategies she shares can be catalysts for effective change and expansion.

Here you’ll find a selection of Lorraine’s most popular topic outlines for her keynotes, masterclasses, presentations and courses. The final title and programme for very event though is tailored to meet your particular audiences’s needs, delivery style, length of programme and degree of interactivity.

Lorraine’s expertise is in branding, marketing, strategy, design and packaging. Her programmes can be customised to a range of audiences including: C-level leadership, managers, entrepreneurs, small to medium businesses, students, educational institutions and statutory agencies.

Branding 101: Why and How to Build Standout, Winning Brands

Lorraine demystifies branding with a thorough introduction to all things branding related, from how brands and branding work to brand purpose, positioning, personality, story, naming and architecture and how this provides direction for all marketing, advertising and brand design application.

Branding is NOT marketing or design but the bedrock strategy supporting and directing your whole business so your brand strategy is fundamental to your business’s success, longevity and ongoing profitability.

In fact, the branding process provides the direction for design, marketing and the communications process that follows on from it. Branding comes before marketing or design.

Lorraine also takes a look at current brand trends, why brands matter both in terms of brand owners and their customers and how to use branding to drive your marketing and communications strategies.

This talk is an invaluable starting point for all entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders, professional communicators and those interested in how to use effective brand strategy to grow their business and increase their profits.

Build, Revitalise or Rebrand? What Every Brand Owner Needs to Know

The business world is in a constant state of flux. Markets change, new trends emerge, disruptive competitors alter longstanding rules, and customer preferences evolve — all of which impacts your brand. Consequently, brands are constantly evolving to ensure future growth and relevance. Even the longest standing and greatest brands in the world need rejuvenation, if not a total rebrand, in order to maintain their market leadership.

Rebranding or revitalisation can take many guises from the complete wholesale change of a company, service or product, to something less dramatic and of a more subtle, evolutionary nature in the form of a brand refresh.

Here Lorraine shares with you how to evaluate which route to choose, the most effective process for overhauling or refreshing your brand and all the critical essentials you need to include to ensure a successful brand transformation — the do’s and don’ts for doing it successfully. A priceless investment for all brand owners, managers and entrepreneurs considering brand revitalisation or a total rebrand.

How Brand Purpose = Purchase = Increased Profitability

Customers choose the brands that engage them on their passions and interests 42 percent more often than they do those that simply urge them to buy the product being advertised. Interviews with customers indicate that more than ever; Purpose = Purchase

Profit is Not Brand Purpose. The sole intention, or purpose of a business, is not, and cannot be, just to make money. Rather, profit is a consequence of doing business. The question is, what does your brand stand for … and upon?

Lorraine shares what brand purpose means in terms of your brand platform and how it’s integral to your brand blueprint which in turn provides the direction for your brand strategy so you can increase your brand reach and grow your profitability — the raison d’être for your brand’s existence. The actionable strategies in this presentation are critical for all ambitious business leaders now and into the future.

Winning Brand Packaging – Beating the Nine Second Test

Packaging is brand design at the sharp end, the art of promising and being believed, an embodiment of the brand that projects the key brand messages. If first impressions are mission critical then the challenge for great brand packaging design is to engage with the customer through communicating the product’s emotional and functional benefits together with its core proposition — all to create impulse in the blink of an eye.

One of the greatest challenges today for brand owners is the diminishing attention span of today’s customer — now reported to be comparable to that of a goldfish — combined with the ‘always-on’ onslaught of surrounding ‘noise’, not to mention the increasingly aggressive retail battlefield.

In this presentation, Lorraine takes a look at the essential ingredients required to create successful and arresting pack design so that it imparts a memorable brand story in a single and highly effective statement while also catching the attention of the time deprived consumer, and convincing them to buy.

She also touches on all the other critical factors of great packaging design including shape, structure, colour psychology, functionality and sustainability to name a few. An invaluable opportunity for product brand owners, managers and entrepreneurs to look at changing trends, evaluate their packaging and to ensure they integrate all these indispensable elements for success.

Branding and C-Suite Leadership – Maximising Your Influence for Most Impact

Whilst most organisations focus their branding efforts on brand strategy, marketing, communications and brand collateral, many neglect one of the most important drivers behind their brand – their C-Suite leadership of the brand.

Senior management are the visionaries, voice and champion leaders of their brand. If this falls short, as Gallup market research indicates it does with alarming frequency, then you are leaving the door wide open for your competitors, not to mention profits lost off your bottom line.

Here Lorraine shares with you how CEO and C-Suite brand leadership, and their personal brands, create a powerful ripple effect that starts with the internal company culture and extends to customer interactions and overall brand perceptions.

The question here is, when did you last give your personal brand leadership an honest appraisal? Can you clearly articulate what your brand stands for and what makes you different to your competitors? Does every member of your organisation, top-down, share the same brand vision and are they all congruently expressing it, authentically living it and actively supporting your business growth in a measurable way to out-run your competitors?

This presentation is a ‘must’ for all brand leaders and owners who want to impart visionary brand leadership and don’t want to be another one of those under-performing statistics. The actionable insights Lorraine shares in this talk could be the best investment you make this year in your brand.

Global or Local – What Does Your Brand Stand For and Why Should I Buy Your Product, Service or Idea?

You’ll probably agree that regardless of what sector you operate in, today’s market is incredibly competitive. With audience attention spans diminishing, getting noticed, let alone heard, is a bigger challenge than ever before.

So how do great brands win the attention-getting battle? How do you, as the brand owner, get your brand noticed — product or service — and purchased? How do you add value, command a premium and build loyalty?

In this talk, Lorraine shares with you how to stand out so your brand is distinctive, different and memorable, how to add perceived value so the price is not the default decision influencer. How to become the winning brand anomaly, in a sea awash with generic,  forgettable, price fighters.

This presentation is a priceless investment for all brand owners, managers and entrepreneurs who want their brand to be the ultimate decider, the brand leader that is unmistakably different with the uncommon X factor so they can dominate their market.

Personal Branding – We Are All CEOs!

How do others see you in the business arena?

What do others think when they hear your name?

Your unique personal brand isn’t a collection of past dates, facts, and accomplishments reflected on your CV. It’s your online and offline reputation, it’s how you interact with others, and it’s fundamental to whatever you do every day, whether you’re a globe-trotting CEO, remote work-from-anywhere pro or an office-bound downtown professional.

In short, everyone has a personal brand, whether they like it or not. To get the right personal brand, you must create it to your liking and nurture it.

Tom Peters, co-author of “In Search of Excellence: America’s Best-Run Companies,” suggests “We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.”

Personal branding is not an overnight task; it requires time and focus upfront as well as ongoing maintenance. Personal branding is not limited to the entrepreneur either — it applies to each and every one of us.

You can be a mini-celebrity within your own industry. CEOs, television presenters, marketing mavens, team sports figures, and popular professors are longstanding examples of individuals who have built personal brands from inside their place of work.

Or, you can create your own personal brand outside the corporate world.

  • In this talk Lorraine shares key insights such as:
  • What your personal brand profile is, the core essentials of what makes up your personal brand together with
  • The key steps for building your personal brand and
  • The ten most common personal branding mistakes to avoid

This presentation is an essential investment for all leaders, brand owners, managers, entrepreneurs and professionals who want to develop, shape and manage their personal brand so it’s fully aligned with their professional agenda, career objectives and, where applicable, aligned with the ‘corporate brand’ they represent and champion.

This talk empowers leaders to re-evaluate their personal brands so that they are enabled to build their personal brands with the uncommon X factors that make them the go-to-person and thought leaders in their sectors.

About Lorraine

Lorraine Carter is founder and principal of Persona Branding and Design, an award-winning, multi-disciplinary branding and design company leading their clients to become No. 1 in their target market. A winner of numerous awards over 20 plus years, she’s worked with brands from a multitude of sectors for both the national and international markets, many of which are household names.

As a professional branding expert, international speaker, writer, designer, and mentor her skill is empowering you to transform your brand so you increase your sales. In doing this Lorraine helps you identify, define and articulate your brand’s position and purpose, be that company, product or service, so that it’s highly visible, different, distinctive, memorable and loveable in a way that’s relevant to your primary target audience—so that you command lead position with your standout brand, increase your success, and most importantly, grow your profits.

A regular speaker at international conferences and seminars, she also delivers programmes in effective brand creation, building and management, is Winner of Best Blog Ireland of an SME and is also a former winner of Business Woman of the Year, Dublin and listed as one of the top 1,000 Women of Influence in Ireland in the Irish Tatler Business Annual. She’s also featured in The Sunday Business Post Newspaper, ICOGRADA, The Economist Group, Irish Times Newspaper, Law Society Gazette, Design&Design, Retail News, Creativ Verpacken, Irish Packaging Year Book, Irish Tatler Magazine and Food Ireland to name a few.

As Featured In

“I recently organized a large Business Forum for business owners and stakeholders entitled ‘After the Storm – New Business Opportunities’ to highlight the challenges and changing face of doing business in 2013. I was delighted to engage Lorraine Carter to speak at the Forum as I have seen first hand her expertise in Branding and Design.

More importantly I know Lorraine as a Professional Speaker who delivers not only excellent content but is passionate about the positive financial impact of great branding and design.

Lorraine’s talk entitled ‘Brand Your Way Out of Recession’ was extremely well received. Her clarity, eloquence and use of storytelling evoked clear examples of how both big, medium and even small businesses have reached the top with successful use of effective branding and design.

I’d recommend Lorraine as a Speaker at your next event or conference. She is an expert in what she does but more importantly she is an expert who knows how to speak about it!”

Sharon Cahir | Author Solicitor Lawyers and Leaders Coach and Trainer

“I have had the benefit of working alongside Lorraine Carter with mutual clients and will happily do so again.

Lorraine understands the power of brands for businesses in a way that makes practical sense to businesses. Her dedication to her craft is a great credit to her along with her attention to her clients and the details that matter.

Lorraine understands how to work with people who don’t work with brands on a daily basis and above all Lorraine has a bottom line value orientation. I look forward to continuing working with Lorraine and her team at Persona Branding & Design.”

Dave Gribben Enable Better Business


“The Maguire & Paterson brand was established in 1882 and therefore the rebranding and new packaging had to be managed in a very sensitive and caring manner.

Persona Branding & Design worked very effectively with the M&P management team ensuring that the findings of consumer research were correctly interpreted and factored into the brand revitalization and new range designs. We found their ability to steer us of significant benefit.

Persona Branding & Design also ensured that we kept our focus on core objectives and diplomatically challenged us at various stages on our thought process, ensuring that any brand preferences did not stray from the core objectives.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Persona Branding & Design and we would be very pleased to speak with any potential client(s).”

Neil ScaifeHead of Commercial Control | SHS Sales & Marketing Ltd


“Lorraine Carter creates meaningful and immaculately designed brands based on a deep subject matter expertise.  She, through Persona Branding & Design, provides a world class professional services for all sized enterprises.

Her understanding of target markets results in memorable and distinctive work that empathises with end customers. Lorraine brings a uniquely positive energy to every meeting that leaves her clients engaged and delighted.

Emmet SavageFounder and CEO | Rubicoin

“Lorraine Carter is a true marketing professional. She is highly creative and has delivered impactful, innovative brand solutions for my business for almost a decade.”

Rita AhernManaging Director | Food Matters


“Persona Branding & Design supports our company with an excellent level of creativity in all areas of branding, design and marketing. They listen, understand and interpret our needs perfectly with a formidable proficiency in execution. It is only fair to say that our company expectations of original briefs have always been exceeded.”

Andy MulloyManaging Director | Connemara Seafoods Ltd

Caterhire-500px“I have worked with Persona Branding & Design for more than 8 years. They have become an invaluable extension of our team, working with us in a flexible, intelligent and pragmatic way.

Once commissioned, they became part of the business extending their expert opinion and brilliant creative solutions in total harmony with our requirements which has achieved great results. This is important since it is often the detail that can make or break a business relationship.  Their work philosophy is the best contract a client can hope to receive.”

Gavin DivillyManaging Director | Cater Hire Ireland Ltd

Wavin-500px“Persona Design successfully applied their extensive branding experience from consumer goods directly to an important industrial B2B product range within our organisation. This was pivotal in the formulation of our brand communications strategy which also included design, packaging, point of sale material and brand promotional plan, all of which contributed to a very successful commercial outcome.”

Michael O’DonohueCountry Director | Wavin Ireland Ltd

“Lorraine is an excellent start to finish project manager with tremendous creativity and ability to work budgets and timelines effectively.”

Kelley SpillaneSenior Vice President | Castle Brands

Country-Crest-500px“I can’t say enough about the excellent work that Persona Branding & Design has done for us. They didn’t just look at our design requirements but challenged us to really look at the fundamentals of our brand and our target market.

They fully engaged with our team and questioned our thinking, providing strong guidance when needed to keep us all on track. Not only is their work exceptional but it’s an absolute pleasure to work with them too.

The end product has evoked huge comment from customers and buyers alike as to its thought provoking branding, design and uniqueness, thus putting Country Crest into a whole different zone of marketing.”

Tony Doyle Commercial Director | Country Crest

“Lorraine Carter from Persona Design recently presented at our Dell Social Media Event on the importance of Brand for Corporate and Self. Lorraine provided great tips, many of them thought-provokingfrom her vast experience in developing brands, as an individual, for customers and the importance of building relationships.

I would highly recommend Lorraine as a trusted advisor on Brand Development and Management.”

Joan ByrneSaaS Portfolio Manager EMEA | Dell Inc

Zed-Candy-500px“Persona Design has always exceeded the objectives of our briefs. Their level of interaction and creative rigour offering a range of fresh concepts is brilliant.

Apart from being great people to work with, Persona Branding & Design offers an unbeatable combination in their level of service, lateral thinking, attention to detail, strategic focus and commitment to all projects undertaken. They are a key asset within my company and I would be delighted to personally recommend their services.”

Donal KavanaghSales & Marketing Director | Zed Candy Ltd

“Persona Design are very talented brand consultants and packaging design experts. They are knowledgeable, creative and highly dependable. My company has hired them for a number of projects and we have always been very pleased with the results.

In fact, several of their projects for us have won prestigious awards. I highly recommend Persona Branding & Design.”

Mark Andrews IIIChairman of the Board | Castle Brands Inc

Robert-Roberts-500px“Persona Branding & Design has adroitly managed several of our most important brand design briefs over the past couple of years and in doing so brought a high degree of creativity plus in depth knowledge in dealing with packaging and print suppliers that was vital for the completion of the successful end product.

Their attention to detail and open book costing consistently ensures no surprises on design or origination quotations.”

Gerry MurphyMarketing Director | Robert Roberts Ltd

“I was delighted to be a participant in Lorraine’s Master class on Branding, Packaging and Design. Lorraine has extensive experience is this area and her third party examples of clients she has worked with really drove the message home on the importance of one’s brand and how powerful it can be.

She is passionate in her message and delivers it with conviction. I strongly recommend her as a trainer, speaker in the area of branding, packaging and design as she is truly an expert.”

Margaret Hoctor Personal Coach | Trainer | Mentor and Facilitator

Wavin-500px“Persona Design has worked with Wavin on the creation and development of the new branding and marketing collateral for the launch of a new range of premium products.

They worked closely with our commercial team during this period to deliver a fantastic launch, on time and within budget. I would highly recommend Persona Branding & Design to anyone who is looking for a company that adds value through innovative ideas.”

Brendan MurphyCommercial Director Wavin UK & Ireland | Wavin UK Ltd

“Lorraine is a highly experienced and expert marketing professional. That’s just one way of putting it. She is an expert public speaker and her passion for subject matter shines though when she presents on a subject that is obviously close to her heart. Highly professional and credible, she is always looking for the best way to apply her talent for her clients best interest.

Her firm is highly successful in delivering strategic marketing projects for their prestigious client base. I have no hesitation in offering my highest recommendation for Lorraine and her team at Persona Branding & Design”

Paul C DwyerGlobal Cyber Security Expert

“Lorraine’s depth of knowledge in branding is immense. I have attended some of her courses and also see first hand the benefits Persona Branding & Design can bring to a business. I am always happy to recommend Lorraine.”

Ruaidhri PrendergastTechnology Sales Engine | Tech Marketing | Sofware | SaaS | FinTech | Hardware | 10x Return on Investment | Co-Founder | Ingenuity

“I have known of Lorraine’s high quality work for a number of years and in late 2008 I finally had the opportunity to work with her in developing a brand and marketing strategy for an upcoming awards ceremony.

Lorraine patiently guided the team through the process and was excellent in identifying the nuances, do’s and don’ts of our target market. We started out thinking a brand was just a logo but now know better!

Before this however, Lorraine had sat down for coffee on an number of occasions with my colleague and I on a different venture and was very generous with her time and sharing her knowledge. I aim to call on Lorraine many times in the future and look forward to it.”

Ian Lawlor New Business | Lotus Investment Group

“I’d be happy to recommend Lorraine Carter and her company, Persona Branding & Design, to any client who wants an enthusiastic and passionate business partner to produce compelling brands built on a sound strategy.”

Tim HealyMercator Marketing Research

“Lorraine is both highly creative and strategic. Her professional and flexible approach combined with her attention to detail resulted in exceptional work which perfectly met the clients needs. A pleasure to work with. I’d happily recommend her for any brand project!”

Alayne RooneyMarketing Consultant

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