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Rebranding Strategy: The ABCs of Rebranding Google

   Google made us uncomfortable!   When the third most valuable brand in the world [Forbes, 2015] announces a surprise rebranding, people notice.   On a recent midsummer Silicon Valley afternoon, the Co-founder and CEO of Google morphed into the CEO of Alphabet before our eyes. What’s Alphabet, we wondered?   Larry Page opened his […]


Rebranding Strategy: Why Your Rebrand Must Embrace Storytelling

The differences between a tired, old, has-been of a brand and a fresh, lithe and provocative one can be boiled down to a singular concept: storytelling. The art of telling a story, and telling it well, is integral to grabbing every potential customer’s attention, and a key part of your brand strategy.   An evocative […]


Creating New Brands: Top 10 Tips for Brand Success

Launching a new brand is both exciting and challenging. The excitement comes in the promise of something fresh and new that could be wildly successful, be it for your well established, emerging or new startup company — and the challenge comes in getting it right the first time.   Evaluating, articulating, developing and documenting your […]


Brand Revitalisation: 9 Strategies to Revive Your Lagging Brand

Are your sales are slipping or have you been losing customers to your competition? Or is it a case that your brand simply isn’t performing as well as it did previously?   Regardless of how successful your brand has been or is at present, at some point in its life cycle every brand needs re-evaluation […]


Rebranding: How to Make It Through a Rebrand and Emerge Stronger

A strong brand is the key to success and sustainable growth for your business. However, brands are not static, unchanging identities – the most successful brands live and breathe, evolving along with changing shifts in market tastes, trends and demands.    Rebranding or brand revitalisation, when properly planned and implemented, can be a powerfully effective […]


Brand Audit: Tips for Determining Your Brand’s Health – Can It Be Improved?

Have your sales hit a slump? Are hot new brands drawing your customers away? If your brand seems to have lost its shine, it may be time for a brand audit or brand health check.    Brand audits are effectively a health check for your brand. These comprehensive, honest evaluations look at the overall effectiveness […]


Brand Resurgence: 4 Lessons Learned from Amazing Brand Comebacks

Brands fizzle out all the time. From historic flops like the Ford Edsel to problematic launches from established brands, such as Crystal Pepsi and the disastrous introduction of Apple Maps, brand disintegration can hit any company for any number of reasons. But some brands are agile enough to adapt, adjust their strategies, learn from their mistakes, […]


Nostalgic Branding : Is It Right For Your Business?

Looking back can be a profitable forward thinking strategy for many brands, with careful due diligence and appropriate application. Nostalgia often evokes positive emotions such as warmth, security and a sense of comfort in the familiar.   These ‘feel-good’ associations can then be successfully transferred to your brand. Nostalgic brands are somehow seen as more […]


When Is The Right Time for a Logo Redesign?

2012 could be seen as The Year of Logo Redesign with some of the world’s largest brands taking a fresh approach to their corporate logos. From simplified updates of existing logos to completely new designs, the last few months has seen brand design success and fails from well-known global brands.   The evolution of brand […]


Epicom Relaunch Their Very Successful Food Manufacturing Brand

Epicom, a very highly regarded, specialist food manufacturing business based in Navan, Co. Meath, have relaunched their brand to market.       Epicom provides a full turnkey, ambient food manufacturing service for the retail market on behalf of their customers, which typically includes global multi-nationals and large exporters.        Much sought after […]