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Persona Branding Accelerator Masterclasses

Branding is NOT marketing or design but the bedrock foundation underpinning your whole business so these branding masterclasses are perfect for helping you accelerate your brand growth because they’ll help you re-evaluate and make your brand strategy stronger.   In fact, 60% of branding is perception and only 40% is about your product or service. […]


Build Your Brand Strategy So It Drives Your Growth and Punches Above Your Weight

It’s amazing, but even with all my branding articles, videos, brand-building masterminds, workshops and speaking engagements, people still ask me, “Do I really need to brand my business or brand strategy?” Or they’ll say, “I’m a B2B startup; can’t I postpone this branding stuff for a bit?”     My answer’s are always the same, […]


Brand Stories: 5 Compelling Examples That Sell Themselves (Part 2)

(see Part 1 here)   “Exactly how do I tell my brand’s story?” is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. Simply start at the beginning and consider the following guides as you draft out the core ingredients of your brand story: Do: Tell a story Don’t: Fudge the facts Do: Use visuals […]