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Surviving & Thriving: Innovating Through Recession to Success

Innovation, that oh-so-elusive yet desirable trait touted as the engine for economic growth by our hackneyed politicians, is actually the life blood of any business but never more so then in our current economic market.    Fresher, smarter thinking is critical in business for ongoing growth and prosperity. Product and service development is a constant, […]

Top 10 Tips To Get or Keep Your Brand On Track

1. Understand and know everything you can about your ideal customer. What makes them tick. What they love and what they hate. Have a bulls eye focus to meet their needs. Then tailor your brand to be irresistibly desirable to them. To be their number one product or service of choice.     2. Is your […]

Great Ideas – Solving Problems & Building Economic Prosperity

I had the good fortune to attend Offset 2010, the annual conference for the creative industry, in Dublin this weekend and suffice to say it exceeded expectations.   The back-to-back programming over the three days included a rich and varied choice of very high calibre speakers, many of which are international icons in their chosen […]

Own Label Powers Ahead – Growing Brands & Engaging Consumers

The battle for the supermarket floor between “private label brands” and “branded goods” has never been more competitive then in recent years. Economic pressures have encouraged consumers, who were previously much more loyal to branded goods, to discover the quality of, and buy, private label brands because they’re invariably cheaper.  Private/Own Label << versus >> […]

Winning Exhibit with ICOGRADA Galleria International !

The new Country Crest Recipes From the Orient meal range is a Winning Exhibit with ICOGRADA Galleria International, the world body for design founded in 1963. Launched this month as part of the Superquinn 50th Anniversary Celebrations this delicious range is available nationally in all leading supermarkets and independent stores.     Read the Case […]