Want to Build Your Brand? Lorraine Carter Speaking at Bucharest Tech Week

Are you launching a new brand to market or considering rebranding but you’re not sure where to start to ensure a profitable return on your investment?


Have you got a really fantastic product or service but you’re struggling with how to clearly articulate what your brand stands for and what makes it really different to your competitors?


Are you being dragged into a price war or discounting where only those with the deepest pockets can win?



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Perhaps you’re actually unconsciously sabotaging your own brand building efforts because you simple don’t know enough about how to build a successful brand?


Join me at Bucharest Technology Week, 26th May 2016 together with Ozana Giusca and Lilia Severina to discover how to build your brand so you can create obsessive desire for your products or services, become a highly recognised household name and increase your profits.






I’ll be sharing success generating action plans that you can take away and implement immediately:


• How successful brands and branding works


• How to make your brand standout and create fanatical desire amongst your primary audience so you become the No.1 preferred choice


How to leverage your product or service brand so you sell more with HIGHER profit margins


• The top 10 professional insider secrets to how and why successful branding works to generate greatest profit






• The 3 most costly mistakes the majority of small business owners and entrepreneurs make when trying to build their brand — and how to avoid them


• The 10 step process to building a highly recognised and profitable brand — whether you’re revitalising an existing brand or launching a new brand to market


• Why your current approach to your branding is not producing the results you expect


• The critical brand strategy factors required to be successful in today’s highly competitive economy — local, national or global


• How to connect with your core target audience in a way that gives them a compelling reason to choose and buy your brand instead of your competitors repeatedly


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