Family Business Branding

6 Ways To Use Family Business Branding To Drive Growth and Maintain Relevance Through The Generations and Adversity

Family businesses have unique dynamics, unlike others, because aside from the ‘normal’ day-to-day challenges, you’ve got the energy between family members which simply doesn’t exist in mainstream organisations. Load on top of this the increased adversity of the current market and you have a potent force. In that context, it can seem like family business branding strategy is really a barely considered afterthought.

But many family businesses realise that to survive and thrive in a business world where large, well-funded companies offer daily competition, effective branding strategy is another way in which family businesses can set themselves apart.

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Just as family businesses benefit from personal familiarity and individual attention, strong branding can be something which emphasizes to customers what is special about them because it enhances their visibility, differences, trustworthiness, credibility and likeability.

Here we look at some simple but effective ways in which a smart approach to family business branding strategy can benefit these unique organisations and make them more profitable — even when times are tough.

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Family businesses often trade on reputation and generational experience, so may not think very deeply about their branding. However, branding strategy offers businesses of all shapes and sizes specific benefits. This is also true for family businesses, as you’ll discover through some of the insights shared in this article with you.

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“I really appreciate Lorraine’s energy and passion. Although good branding includes so many facets, Lorraine is able to simplify the process and make it so much more tangible for any company to put into practice.”

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1. Family Business Branding Helps Emphasise the Business’s Local Relevance

Family businesses have certain advantages over other businesses which are not run by a family. One such advantage many family businesses have is their clear tie to a specific area or community. This often helps set them apart from larger or chain competitors.

This is evidenced by the growing trend to shop and support local family businesses in all forms because of the impact of Covid-19. It helps customers feel that by shopping at a family business, they are keeping money and jobs local. Research shows that local businesses keep more money in the community than non-locally run ones.[1] 

However, even though a family business may be very local, it is not automatically linked to a particular place. To passers by and even regular customers, a professionally run family business may not seem local at all. Family business branding can help make the business’ local connection obvious.

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As a family business, branding elements such as brand stories, naming and customer experience can make it easier to emphasise the shared heritage, values or knowledge that a family business shares with its customer base.

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family business branding

Image via Facebook © Black & Lizars

A case study is Black & Lizars Optometrists. Many medical providers are local operations, but in recent decades, consolidation by national and international chains, such as Specsavers, mean that what was once a sign of continuity in a community could now be perceived as an indication that the optometrist, doctor or dentist lacks the reach and expertise of a national chain with thousands of staff. 

Blacks and Lizars were two optometrists with long, local traditions in the west of Scotland market. By combining, they emphasized their size and reach, but their brand purpose clearly emphasizes their continued service locally over many generations, from older people to Millennials.

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2. Strong Family Business Branding Suggests Dependability

One of the key things many customers look for in a business is trustworthiness and dependability. If you buy an insurance policy, whether for a bicycle or a portfolio of office buildings, you want to be confident that the insurer will stay in business for the duration of the policy. 

Family businesses are often passed down through generations, and so inherently suggest dependability. As in many countries, a lot of Ireland’s oldest businesses are family concerns, from the fabric company Avoca to Malone’s newsagents in Kildare. [2]

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Customers may have a vague perception about something which is true but is not always obvious to them, such as the longevity of a business. A well-designed brand architecture is an effective way to help solidify such thoughts in the mind of buyers. 

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Customers do not automatically know that a business is a family business. Communicating that to them can help convey some typical benefits of family businesses, such as continuity, long establishment and dependability. This could be done through a simple naming approach, such as using a suffix for the business name such as “and Sons”, or “Bros.” It can also be done through the slogan or brand story, for example “Family Run for Five Generations”. 

Family Business Branding

© Jack Pots

But even if your business doesn’t have a long history, you can bring the family element to life by using pictures or descriptions of the family members involved, a technique used by manufacturers such as Jackpot Crisps in the UK, who show photos and names of the owning family members on the back of the pack. 

Family Business Branding

© O’Donells of Tipperary, Seskin Farm

O’Donells of Tipperary Handcooked Crisps, is another Irish family crisp business taking a similar approach and tied even more closely to their local provenance through Seskin Farm in seven generations of family since 1725.

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3. Family Business Branding Emphasises Multi-Generational Expertise

A family business operating across generations can be good in many different ways. One is that involving younger and older people in the business at the same time allows different generational viewpoints to influence the business. This can be invaluable because it shows that a business understands the needs of both children and parents simultaneously internally and, more importantly, externally from a customer perspective.

family business branding

© Massey Bros.

A case in point is Massey Bros., a firm of funeral directors established in the 1930s. Through their brand strategy they’ve been able to leverage the company’s long-established reputation, whilst also emphasising its relevance to the contemporary generation. For example in the establishment of a civil and religious funeral venue with online viewing options, a national first.  

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family business branding

The Haven, © Massey Bros

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4. Branding a Family Business Adds Professional Credibility

One downside of a family business is that customers and employees can perceive that employment prioritizes family membership over expertise. This can be a turnoff, especially for services where skill and knowledge are highly valued. In those scenarios it can be particularly challenging to attract high-performing top talent.

A brand can provide a professional image and tone of voice which reassures customers that the family business is fully professional. Brand positioning, brand identity and brand collateral are some of the elements which can help capture and convey such a brand, so that customers see the benefits of family involvement while also having the reassurance of externally validated professionalism. 

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A recent case study is the rapid growth of Spotlight Whitening. This oral care company was set up by two sisters in Ireland who are both dentists. The story of them being sisters and their image is a key part of Spotlight’s brand communication, as seen in this video

However, rather than making the sister’s story interchangeable with the brand story, the use of the Spotlight Whitening brand adds a layer of professional objectivity and credibility. Thus, customers can feel that they are dealing with a company of oral care experts first and foremost, with the sisters’ story an important reason to believe, but not the only one. They are the voice and visionaries behind the brand — not the brand itself which is an important distinction.

family business branding

© Spotlight

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5. Family Business Branding Can Help Separate the Business as a Stand Alone Entity of Value from the People in the Business

As a business passes down from one generation to the next, there is the risk of losing customers. Customers can build loyalty assigned to a particular person and when they stop working, they change suppliers. Hairdressing businesses, decorating businesses and professional consultants are all typical examples. A standalone brand can help build and nurture customer loyalty to the business, not just to a family member while they are working in the business. This helps ensure brand loyalty transfers through the generations.

A brand can also provide some level of privacy to family members in their private lives. If family members live and work in the same community, it can be hard for them to dissociate from the business outside of working hours. A brand which puts some distance between the business and the family name can help.

family business branding

Image via QS Media

A case study which demonstrates why this can be important is the demise of restaurants associated with the famous chef Jamie Oliver. Oliver’s name was undoubtedly a powerful one, so it is understandable that it was used in branding these restaurants. 

However, when the restaurant business went off the boil, the use of the chef’s name led to a lot of anger being directed at him personally, as shown in this video. A smart approach to family branding could have enabled the business to benefit from the association with Oliver, without being so directly connected to him as one person. 

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6. Branding Strategy Helps Family Businesses Expand

Over generations, family businesses often accumulate skill and capital which makes it relatively easy to expand. But if the business is not properly branded, when they enter a new location or market segment, they will often struggle to benefit from that recognition and awareness. A strong brand strategy helps businesses expand by enabling them to build brand awareness and loyalty.

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Sometimes a family business gets pigeonholed into a certain type of work. A brand is a good way to communicate a more flexible approach or multifaceted offering, which can make it easier to expand. 

family business branding

Image via Irish Times

For example, if someone asked you who owned Dublin-based clothing chain Primark, what answer would you give? Many people would be surprised to learn that the correct answer is Associated British Foods. 

Although publicly listed, the large corporation is controlled by the Weston family, who have been involved with it for several generations. Through a careful strategy of corporate branding and operating brands, the family business has succeeded in running a diverse conglomerate highlighted in this video, with interests spanning from fast fashion to sugar refining and supermarkets.

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Final Thoughts

A family business enjoys a number of advantages which can help to set it apart from non-family businesses. Using a well thought out brand strategy can help bring these to life in a way which helps the business.

It can emphasise a family business’s local relevance, dependability, and expertise from different generations or family members. At the same time, it can draw a subtle distinction between the business and specific family members, helping to sustain the value of the business over different generations.

Questions to Consider

  1. What advantages does the family connection add to your business from a customer’s perspective?
  2. How would customers know that your business is a family business from its branding?
  3. Does your family business proactively communicate its multi-generational expertise? How?
  4. What professional credibility would customers seek from your business? How does your branding help to convey this?
  5. Does your family brand rely too heavily on a single individual within the family?
  6. Could a brand audit help you identify possible vulnerabilities so you can mitigate them, strengths so you can leverage them better and new opportunities for innovation and growth?

Your Persona Client Satisfaction Guarantee

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