Do You Know How to Mitigate Risk to Your Brand? Watch to find out more…

I recently spoke at the Cyber Threat Summit 2012 which took place in Dublin, host to over 600 delegates from around the world and thought some of the content presented might be of interest to those of you concerned about managing your brand under threat.


The talk was focussed on enhancing attendee understanding of brands, how they work, what they are and how, when properly understood, they can be leveraged to mitigate risk and manage it effectively when in jeopardy or exposed to negative market sentiment.


At its most fundamental if you and your team can’t simply articulate what your brand stands for and what makes you different to your competition then you’re already at a significant disadvantage. 




Why you might ask, well you can’t adequately protect your No.1 asset if you don’t understand it and the dynamics of your market, key stakeholders and customers alike. 


Most importantly you are also potentially financially under performing and commercially vulnerable, in short leaving money on the table, as you slide into commoditisation and genericization because you haven’t developed and leveraged your brand to its full potential.


Watch to find out more. 


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