How to Build a Powerhouse Brand, Lorraine Carter Guest Interview with Alexandra Răducanu, Canal 33 TV Romania

Are you perhaps struggling to build your business or brand with limited resources? 

Do you want your brand to be highly visible, different, credible, distinctive, highly trusted, referred and much loved?

Be widely known and considered the best choice within your sector with enviable ideal customers who are happy to pay a premium?

While working in Romania this summer I was interviewed on Canal 33 TV by Alexandru Răducanu where we discussed not only entrepreneurial mindset in Romania but the various aspects of building a highly profitable brand and agile branding strategy.

Romania is an emerging economy within the EU and as such its business owners and entrepreneurs are masterful at doing things very leanly with much more limited resources compared to their counterparts in more mature economies so there are lessons to be learned on both sides of the equation.

If you’re re-evaluating your current brand strategy, considering a brand refresh, revitalisation, total rebrand or want to grow your profits on a leaner basis watch now so you can discover more about leveraging big-brand know-how with an agile branding strategy mindset.

Agile branding strategy is all about making better informed, smarter decisions faster so teams are empowered to identify, solve problems and communicate effectively with the greatest impact

The fact is, branding strategy is the bedrock foundation underpinning your whole business, NOT marketing or design.

Agile brand strategy provides the direction for not only your business but your marketing campaigns and design application so it’s vital to your commercial success — and highly effective with an agile mindset.

Branding strategy unlocks the value of your brand, empowers you to make more informed decisions with far greater clarity faster, drives sustainable growth and accelerates employee and customer engagement.

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Watch, discover more, apply.

Wishing you growing success!

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We know that sometimes it’s a struggle to build a brand strategy that really engages your ideal customers effectively so we’ve developed three different ways of working with us to help you build your brand and increase your sales, depending on your preferences, so if you’d like us to:

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If you’d like to discover more about building and maintaining a thriving, high performing, highly profitable standout brand, using agile branding strategy, then get in touch because we’d love to help you make your brand and business into a profit powerhouse.

Lorraine Carter is a branding expert and international speaker delivering talks that inspire and motivate along with masterclasses and workshops that inform and support transformational outcomes fast, and consultancy expertise that solves problems so you can outshine, outperform and leave your competitors way behind.

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