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Personal and Corporate Brand Alignment – Branding Podcast, Lorraine Carter Guest Interview with Alex Gibson on The Persuaders Dublin CityFM

How well aligned is your personal brand with your corporate brand entity, product or service?

Are you managing your reputation and that of the business or organisation you represent or champion?

Are you mitigating risk at a personal and corporate entity brand level?

Do you have the know-how to champion and represent your corporate entity brand, product or service, while ensuring your personal brand is in fine-tuned alignment?

In the array of marketing and branding strategies, personal branding truly stands out.

Not only is personal branding extremely effective, when managed strategically, but it’s become a standalone science along with corporate, product and service branding.

So what is personal branding?

Personal branding is the strategic activity of individuals marketing themselves, their careers and what they do as brands in their own right.

It’s the ongoing process of establishing, developing and managing your profile or image in the mind of your target audience as the ‘expert’ go-to-person for a particular area of interest.

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In the business world personal and corporate brand alignment is critical for mitigating risk and essential for success, particularly amongst business leaders and managers. In fact, I’d go as far as saying, it’s a must-do strategy for every business leader.

The key to success lies with those who use their personal brand as the voice or champion behind the product or service they sell to raise its profile whilst also increasing credibility, trust and likeability.

It’s the leveraging of a personal brand and aligning it with a product, service or institutional brand which has made personal branding a highly profitable, revenue-generating strategy.

The key functions of personal branding in a business context are to:

  1. Build credibility and trust
  2. Mitigate risk at both a personal and corporate level
  3. Support a corporate brand (product or service) consistently and congruently
  4. Showcase your skills and expertise
  5. Connect with your target audience authentically
  6. Avoid unintentionally sabotaging your corporate brand or personal brand through neglect, incongruency or mismanagement

Like any branding or marketing strategy there are pros and cons which need to be evaluated before you dive in, or worse still neglect things through oversight or ignorance.

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You see the truth is, there’s a lot more to branding then logos, websites and brochures because branding is NOT marketing or design. They are three separate important disciplines.

Branding is the bedrock foundation underpinning your whole business so getting your brand strategy right, at a personal and corporate leadership level, is critical to your success.

Discover more here, and tune in now because I’m the guest of Alex Gibson on The Persuaders, a weekly radio show on Dublin CityFM and we’re discussing the power of building a strong personal brand.

You’ll also get to hear Ian Cleary from Razor Social, discuss how to leverage your personal brand through publishing highly-informed content online. An international speaker too and award-winning expert in content marketing, he shares some particularly useful expert tips.


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